Book Review: The Park at Sunrise by Lee Brazil

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91Qe+4scxbL__SL1500_The Park at Sunrise is a story of three best friends – Morgan, Jason and Paul – who had been lovers at one point of time. The three share a special camaraderie, a bond that keeps them tied to one another. Even as they separate after college to get on with their lives and their career choices, a promise is made to meet after a year.

However, when Paul is killed in a subway mugging, Morgan begins to wonder if there was anything left for him to return. After all, it was the three of them that worked together and now that only two remain, he is devastated. Years go by as Morgan and Jason move on with their lives, but not a moment goes by when Morgan doesn’t think of Jason, or Paul – reminiscing the old memories that they lived.

Ten years later, Morgan receives a photo of them from Jason and this time, he doesn’t hold himself back. He gets on the plane and lands in Colorado, with a decision made.

This short story is written beautifully, with some lovable characters, a sensible plot and many wonderful scenes. The Park at Sunrise gives us glimpses of the trio’s pasts – the moments that are truly unforgettable. It stands true to prove that these three friends did have an exceptional past together. And when I, as a reader, realized what was actually lost, I felt no less devastated than Morgan – the character, from whose point of view, we know of their story.

I would like to mention a couple of episodes that are penned down in this novella, because they are worth reading. When the three friends graduate from the college, Morgan and Paul are expected to leave Colorado soon for a job opportunity, while Jason stays to pursue his dreams of becoming a painter. So they meet at the bench for the last to make a promise, a deal between them to meet again at the same spot a year later. And they have a special way of closing this deal, which I thought was brilliant. Lee Brazil has written that scene very well, not that the other parts aren’t written that good, rather I’d say you should read this story to get a taste of Lee’s amazing writing skills because the author is talented. But this specific scene was the epic moment. Maybe it was because they were parting away or maybe because you just knew this was the last they were going to be together …

Another part that had a lump forming in my throat were the words that are inscribed on the cover page on this book. “I’m going to ask you to do something I have never asked you to do before. Promise me you’ll say yes.” These words might seem plain and simple right now to you, but when you read that whole conversation between Morgan and Jason, you will know what I mean.

The reason I am giving this book a 4.5 star rating is because at one point of time I found myself lost a bit with the timeline. I am still not clear when exactly Paul died. Also, when I began this book, the beginning chapter didn’t quite grip my attention the way it should have. But I am glad I continued because the whole story is a gem! It picked up pace right after the first chapter and I read it all in one go.

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To know more about the author, visit: Lee Brazil’s blog

Sid’s Rating: star_review


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