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Welcome to the Thursday Talks column of this blog, where I get an author talking every week. Through this space, you can get to know the authors closely and find out the secrets of their success.

Today, we have here with us the man, whose name is enough to catch a readers’ attention. All his novels have been bestsellers and people enjoy his works. With success kissing his feet, he remains a simple man, leading his life on simple terms. Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring to you an exclusive interview with Andrew Grey!

Andrew grew up in western Michigan with a father who loved to tell stories and a mother who loved to read them. Since then he has lived throughout the country and traveled throughout the world. He has a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and works in information systems for a large corporation. Andrew’s hobbies include collecting antiques, gardening, and leaving his dirty dishes anywhere but in the sink (particularly when writing)  He considers himself blessed with an accepting family, fantastic friends, and the world’s most supportive and loving partner. Andrew currently lives in beautiful, historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Welcome to the blog of Sid Love, Mr. Grey.

Your new novel  “Heat Under Fire” is a “By Fire” spin-off, though there’s more to it. This one,  as I see, is not just about firefighters, but there’s a cop involved too. What  inspired you to think of it?
Our garage was broken into and the officer  that answered the call was pretty hunky.  Once the shock wore off about the  theft, I started getting ideas about hunky police officers.

Tell us  something about Justin, the cop.
Well Justin has this weird affliction.   He’s fine in normal situations, but whenever he’s talking to a guy he likes, he  stutters and finds it hard to speak.  He usually gives up.  But Rock  is more persistent.

I am sure all your fans are hoping that their favorite  “By Fire” characters Dirk and Lee would make an appearance in this spin-off  book. Do they?
Oh yes.  They’re friends with the guys and help  nudge them along.

It’s been just over a week since the release of Heat Under Fire  and it is already selling hot, five star reviews are popping up. It looks like  your readers are liking what you have written, as usual. So, do you think there  will be more of Rock/Justin that we’d get to see in the future? 
I think so  yes.  Rock has been, but once I finish my current manuscript, I think I’m  going to have to shake him awake.

And what about the “By Fire”  series? 
That series is complete.  The guys may make appearances in  other stories, but they had their HEA and they’re happy.

“BY FIRE” Series
(Click on the images to read the synopsis and buy)

You are known to  be the most successful authors in the Gay/Lesbian genre. When readers see a book  from you, they expect it to be good. How does the success feel?
Its very  nice.  But I write because I have stories to tell.  That’s what’s most  important.  My father is a fantastic story teller so I come by it  honestly. 

Alongwith success comes sacrifices, as they say. Is that  true in your case too?
Yes.  I don’t have much time.  And  sometimes other aspects of my life suffer.  Luckily I have the world’s most  supportive partner. 

dfb8810ae7a08153eda13210_L__V192556968_SX200_Well, we all know the author in Andrew Grey. How is  Andrew Grey in real life, as an IT professional, as a family guy? 
In real  life, I’m quiet and tied to my computer.  I work as an IT Project Manager  and come home as an author.  I have two nieces I adore and spoil whenever I  can.  

It amazes me, really. How do you keep a balance of it  all?
I work on what’s important and either ignore, delegate, or pay  someone to do the rest.  I can’t do it all, so I no longer try. 

You  started writing in the year 2007, you say. We would love to hear about your  journey as a writer from back then when you had just started till this date,  when you have ennumerous successful books under your name.
The journey to  being a writer happened very gradually.  It started off as a hobby and for  fun.  I wrote to tell my stories.  As I wrote, more stories came,  different stories and characters that demanded to be told.  

Which  outweighs more – the fun of working with computers and systems or the fun of the  creative juices flowing? 
They both serve a purpose.  I’m creative but  I’m also practical.  I need both sides.  

So, any plans to be a  full-time writer?
Eventually.  I’d like that, but I’m the primary  income, so I need to make sure we’re on a sound footing first. 

Stranded mdWhat does  Andrew Grey do in his spare time, when he is not writing? 
I garden and  collect antiques.  Dominic and I also travel and a lot of our trips make it  into the books. 

 Can you tell us about some of your upcoming  projects?
I have quite a few.  One of the stories I’m excited about  is Stranded.  It’s a bit of a departure for me because of its suspense  elements.  My hero is handcuffed inside a car in the Nevada dessert.   I also have The Fight for Identity.  It’s the third story in The Good Fight  series.  And Love Comes in Darkness, the follow up to Love Comes Silently  will be out in the fall. 

There are aspiring authors out there, I bet, to  whom you have served as an inspiration. What would you like to say to  them? 
Write what you know, what you love to read, and what makes you  happy.  Don’t try to write something because you think it will sell.

A message to your readers and fans
Thank you all for being loyal  readers.  I’m flattered you like my stories.  I wish all of you  happiness and above all love.  Happy Reading!


“Heat Under Fire” by Andrew Grey

A By Fire Spinoff

Justin Briggs can shout out directions all day on his job as a traffic cop, but put him in front of a hot guy, specifically firefighter Rock Sparks, and he clams up.

Rock finds Justin confusing. While saving a busload of children hanging off the edge of a highway overpass, the cute rookie is cool and confident. But when Rock tries to chat him up, he stutters and chokes. Frustrated, Rock teases Justin, and boy, is his temper hot.

Though Rock and Justin share a steamy kiss, Justin keeps his distance, still tongue-tied. Then, when Justin is injured on the job, Rock takes him to the hospital, and some of the barriers start to crumble. But getting his enigmatic boyfriend to open up brings up more questions about Justin’s past.

Link to buy the book:AMAZON


“The Fight Within” By Andrew Grey

Third installment of “The Fight” series.

Will Martin’s racist father, Kevin, hates Native Americans and wants to keep them off his property, never mind that part of the ranch land is sacred ground for the Sioux. When they request access for prayer, Kevin refuses—but Will doesn’t share his father’s views. Ever since he first saw Takoda Red Bird during one of the Sioux sacred ceremonies, Will has been fascinated. He grants the tribe access.

Takoda defies Kevin on a regular basis. He often sneaks to the sacred site on the rancher’s land for prayer and knows Will has seen him there. When, out of spite, Kevin places the land up for auction, Takoda knows it is time for action and bands together with Will to stop the sale.

In the fight that follows, Will gets more than he expected. He starts out helping the tribe preserve their identity… and ends up finding his own.

Coming: May 10, 2013

“THE FIGHT” Series
(Click on the images to read the synopsis and buy)


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  1. Valenti1965 says:

    Great interview Sid! I’ve just started my very firstbook bu Andrew and love it already!

  2. Dani says:

    love this writer he is a writing god in m/m genre in my opinion
    There isnt anything that he writes that isn’t well worth the buy and the reading
    you can never fail with an andrew grey book
    Nice to read this interview Thanks xx
    And Mister Andrew grey Thank you for creating magic with words
    Grtz Danielle

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