Tuesday’s Tantalizer: ROB WILSON

Posted: April 2, 2013 by sidlove in Tuesday's Tantalizer
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Tuesday's Tantalizer


Rob is a 24-year-old model/actor, who beat out hundreds of other hopefuls to become the first male model in the 40-year history of The Price Is Right.

He used to work in financial sales before he got into acting, starting with a small role in Bride Wars. He moved to L.A. few years back and since then, has been featured in music videos, print ads and ABC Family’s Secret Life of An American Teenager.

He has appeared in the feature films “Bride Wars,” “Surrogates,” “Friends With Benefits” and “The Social Network” and has co-starred in television series including “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” and “The Middle.” In addition, he has guest-starred as Colin Kirk in “Supah Ninjas,” and appeared in episodes of “Entourage,” ” “Melissa and Joey,” “Greek,” “Suite Life: On Deck” and “Make It or Break It.”

Currently, he has been cast in The Online Network’s All My Children as Pete Cortlandt.

What I love more about this guy is his smile! He looks so damn cute when he gives us that toothy smile of his. And plus, he is edible… you will see. (wink)

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