Book Review: Shifting Changes by Sage Marlowe

Posted: March 26, 2013 by sidlove in 3 Star Reviews, Book Reviews, Sid's Reviews
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71cO-kXLNQL__SL1500_When I think shifters, I always imagine some dark-haired, tanned, muscle God. It is damn exciting to the every inch of me. So when I found this on Amazon, written by the infamous Sage Marlowe, I decided I had to get my hands on this. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Faolan, a bisexual wolf shifter, finds himself getting attracted to his roomie. The roommate, Shayonn is a shifter of some kind, Faolan is sure, but the curiosity to know that kind reaches a peak. Things heat up soon and in the moment of their intimacy, both of them shift, revealing to the other their true form. And Faolan is dumb-struck, looking at the elegant form of Shayonn – a huge, gorgeous white tiger, which meant that Shayonn was one of a kind. It also meant that Faolan, being the guard of the tiger community, had to take him to them so that they could find him a suitable mate. White ones were almost down to extinction after all. As per the orders Faolan had, it looked like the tigers’ Queen was looking for a mate for herself too. But would Shayonn actually surrender himself into it, considering his sexual preferences?

To be honest, after I read this, I couldn’t decide if I liked this piece. First of all, being a pure blooded gay guy, I had skipped almost the whole of M/F sex scene that went on between Faolan and a female character, Tara. Secondly, there was that thing about carrying forward the lineage. I hated that Shayonn was being forced to do something that his soul didn’t agree to. And all of it, just for the sake of responsibilities and duties? Does he not have any right to be what he wants to be? I considered this a long time and came to the conclusion that – well, that’s life, isn’t it? Hard decisions to make on every step you take. Plus, as it turns out, it isn’t exactly bad for Shayonn either. He has Faolan, to protect him and as the wolf puts it – to keep him safe and happy.

The characters are very different, almost seeming real while you read. I believe, Sage has that power in her writing to keep her characters flawless always. I loved how Faolan is all rough and tough, keeping his duties and responsibilities to top priority. Yes, he is a no-nonsense man. And Shayonn is like his alter-ego, who only believes in running away from things when it gets too much. I won’t  say I blame him. That kid is twenty one, for crying out loud and people have higher expectations from him. Of course he would cower.

This is the first book in the series and well, the author has built up interest already for the second book with a fantastic end to this one. I, for one, never saw it coming and it is very promising too.

So, if you like shifters, that too the ones that are exotic and powerful, playing around a good plot, this story is definitely for you.

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For more information on the author, visit: Sage Marlowe’s Website

Sid’s Rating: 3-stars-out-of-5-300x70

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