Book Review: What He Wants by Kate Aaron

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13578535 You see this cover art here? Yes – the one with two suited-up guys leaning into an almost kiss. So perfectly innocent, right?


What you don’t see is the lust in their eyes, the naughty thoughts passing through each of their minds or the future where those suits find no place between them anymore. Imagine it and double the hotness of that fantasy – you’ll get “What he wants”.

Two co-workers, or better to say rivals in their workplace, Christo and Damien decide to join forces when they realize it is an only option left for them to save their asses. Christo hates Damien’s guts because of how that “bastard” had snatched the biggest deal in his area from right under his nose. Since then, everytime he looked at the latter’s handsome face, he cursed under his breath.

However, when the new arrangement is made, Christo is forced to work closely with Damien. To complicate it all, he also finds it hard to supress the attraction he feels towards this handsome bastard. Christo knows he is a bad news, something he wouldn’t want in his already fucked up life. If he got involved with Damien, he would be no good than the different dates Christo always saw him showing up with in the office parties. And yet, this bastard becomes his bastard in the matter of time…

I am sighing oh-so pleasantly ever since I started reading this book. Christo and Damien have made me fall in love with them. Their journey is superb, and it seems so realistic. Like, it is always something that I can relate happening in real life. The events that happen – some good, some unimaginably worst – bring these two sweethearts closer and as you read their story, you realize how badly you want them to have their happily ever after by the end.

Christo is the main character from whose point of view we hear the whole on-goings, so of course, there’s no way you couldn’t get attached to this romantic at heart and sometimes even pathetic guy. Seriously, even his flaws were endearing. The author has crafted him well, I must say, with all his past events glooming somewhere by the corner and yet this confident man knows how to go and keep moving on with his life. But of course, that isn’t possible at times without Damien’s help. And there comes the reason why I just fell in love with Damien. He is bad ass guy, who is written so sexy in this story that my mouth drools by his mere mention.

Things I liked more and won’t ever forget from this story – One, the whole chapter where Christo takes Damien with him to spend Christmas with his parents. Oh wow! The descriptions and the dialogues were spot on. Christo’s mother and father made quite an impression on me even though they appeared in the story just that one time. Second, the sex scenes, oh my god! These parts need more x’s for rating it illegal (just kidding). Third and final, Jess and Todd. Those two cuties just won my heart even with their short appearances, but well, I am not saying who they are, for the no-spoiler sake.

And now for the part I dread the most. What’s not hot? Well, to be honest, when I was half way through the book last night, I had made up my mind to give it a five star rating! Oh yes, it was that excellent and the story writing skills of the author takes you throughout the book. The rating went down only because of the few parts in between that well, just bored me. Though, I loved reading Christo’s thoughts, his page full of rants had me skipping for a while. Then, it picked up with a new sub-plot which was interesting enough to keep me going. And then came the perfect end! I wouldn’t have imagined a better ending to this lovely story than that.

So, I say, give it a try. This romantic ride won’t disappoint.

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