Most of the M/M novels that I have read so far have one thing in common. The main characters and their potential love interests are described with chiseled jaws, skinny build, or the abs to die for. They are the men who are described as ‘hot’ and even readers drool at the image that they get in their minds. But is it really always the perfect men that can have an equally perfect love story?

S.L. Danielson breaks this overly used formula and shows us that even an average guy can find his true love.

And that is why I believe, LBTN is not just a story of friendship and love, but the story of dreams that do come true.

7049360Scott Williams is overweight and a social outcast, while Jared Adamson is perfect. The protagonists come together when the math teacher asks Scott to tutor Jared. Till that moment, Scott never thought in his dreams that the popular jock Jared Adamson would ever even talk to him. But it happens and their friendship grows over the meetings they have at Scott’s place. But Jared is hiding something and Scott wonders why the jock would never let him visit his place. When the ugly truth comes out though, Scott is shaken and does everything in his power to help his new best friend. One day, Jared admits to have fallen in love with Scott and everything seems so right to the latter. But is it really?

What impressed me about this story was that it was something I could relate to in real life. Nobody is perfect and the author took such characters who were totally imperfect in their individual lives. Remember the math rule? Two negatives make a positive! Likewise, two not-so-perfect boys somehow made the cutest couple in the end.

The story is very innocent, a nicely outlined concept according to me. This would have been perfect had it been edited well. Not that it was too bad, but there were times that got me thinking if I should continue. But I am glad I did finish this, because otherwise I would have missed out on the true essence of the whole story. And the readers shouldn’t miss this one either.

I might as well add that Love by the numbers is the first book in the series, second one being “Life After Math.”

Both the books are available on: Amazon – Paperback and eBook

For more information on the author, visit: S.L. Danielson’s blog

Sid’s Rating: 535px-3-5_stars-svg

  1. Stephanie says:

    Great review, Sid! Thank you again and I’m pleased you enjoyed it. 🙂

  2. […] I have read works of this author before (Read Book Review: Love By The Numbers by S.L. Danielson) and I must say this is many times better than her other works. In Ranch Hands, her writing has […]

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