What happens when two wonderful authors come together to write a book? If you have no idea, go and grab the copies of the two “Upstaged” books to find out.

Nephylim – the author of The Runaway and Enigma series – and Stephanie L. Danielson – the author of Southern Comfort series and For the Heart of Phillip – brings for you their first collaboration work called The Upstaged Series. It was released on 15th of March, 2013 and there are two books published under it – Upstaged: Opening Act and Upstaged: Waiting in the Wings. Read further to get more details on the books…

UPSTAGED: OPENING ACT  – Stephanie L. Danielson, Nephylim

UpstagedB1OpeningActFinalcover-Medium  Summary: Erik is lead singer with The Von, an up and coming grunge band. He’s a big, brash American with the world at his feet and is so far in the closet he’s in Narnia. Then along comes snarky Brit, Asher and turns his world on its head. Well and truly upstaged, can Erik overcome his fear and is Asher just too damaged to be saved?

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Amazon     ||      RFP Website      ||        All Romance Ebooks     ||      Smashwords

UPSTAGED: WAITING IN THE WINGS  – Stephanie L. Danielson, Nephylim


Summary: The Von are on their way up but their dream tour throws up the issues and insecurities of those left behind. And then there’s the mysterious stranger who seems to delight in torturing the hapless members of The Von by snapping them in compromising situations and sending them back to their boyfriends back home. But it isn’t until Erik is kidnapped and Asher is hit by terror from his past, that the torment really begins

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Amazon     ||      RFP Website      ||        All Romance Ebooks     ||      Smashwords

Another story for Sunday Promo Blogging is Sue Brown’s “Summer’s Dawn”. It was released on 8th of March, 2013 and currently ranks third in the GLBT fiction category on Amazon. Find out why:

SUMMER’S DAWN  – Sue Brown


Summary: Joel Summer is six foot of pure sex with close-cropped black hair, dark tanned skin, and a smooth, broad chest with just a thin trail of dark hair disappearing under the waistband of his blue shorts. He plays football, baseball, runs track, and still managed to get good enough grades to get into an Ivy League college. He’s everything I want to be. The high school girls gasp and wet their panties every time he so much as smiles in their direction, so what’s he doing looking at me?

Links to buy:  Amazon

Now go and dig in!

Author’s Note: Soon coming is a review on Summer’s Dawn. Also, all authors can submit a request for promotion of their newly released books on my blog. It will be presented under this section on Sundays. All you need to do is reach me through the “Contact Me” page of this website, mentioning your book name, the summary you want to display, the links of websites where the books are available for the readers to buy and any other information you’d want me to put in.

  1. Stephanie says:

    Sid! Thank you so much for featuring our series; we are both thrilled about it and we are both flattered you posted on this. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this information with me, I will return every day to read more.

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