Book Review: Heated Blood by Alicia Nordwell

Posted: March 16, 2013 by sidlove in 4.5 Star Reviews, Book Reviews, Sid's Reviews
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I have read Cia’s works before this and I won’t deny the accusation that I am a huge fan. So, in case, this review seems a bit biased, blame it on my love for her writing. When I heard that she was getting her works published, my first thought was “About time she is doing something about her talent!”

Sadly, I haven’t had an opportunity to read her first published book yet, so “Heated Blood” was the first that I read in that sense and I must say that I truly enjoyed the ride.

51SdeS9ftsLJakob leads an awful life, working as ‘bait’ for the heartless group of people called “The Order” – who call themselves the protectors of humans (but Jakob knows better) as the world is seemingly on the edge of getting destroyed. He remembers his grandfather telling him tales of “the flash of light” which changed everything around them; soon the sun wasn’t shining anymore and all that was left was an eternal winter. It didn’t stop at that. Human lives weren’t simply endangered by the environmental changes, but the old legends came to be true. A weird species crawled out of hiding – the blue bastards called the Draugrs – who drained several people to death. Jakob is a special attraction to that lot because of the one mystery which relates to the way he was born, so the Order uses him to lure these blue monsters out in order to kill them. However, he knows they wouldn’t care if he died during one of these dangerous expeditions.

While on a mission, Jakob runs into a dangerously handsome man – or well … he wouldn’t call him that – but all his beliefs take a turn around when Jakob is chased by a whole bunch of Draugrs and this man comes to his rescue. He man assures to help him, but then why does he kidnap him? Who is this man who claims to know more about Jakob than Jakob himself? Who are the Draugrs? What actually happened on the day when the flash of light was witnessed by the whole world and what did it have to do with Jakob?

So many interesting questions and Alicia answers them very neatly in the book. This novella grasped my interest right from the beginning and as I progressed, I realized how much I loved the character. You can’t not read this story and not fall in love with Jakob. He is such a sweet boy, with too many sufferings of the past. Being orphaned at such a young age, it is really a pity. However, as the story develops, I feel the change in him for good. He matures, I’d say and I love that. The Order as I believe, had fucked up his mind so I was glad when Tobias takes him away. And Tobias!  Well, that sexy man gave me goosebumps every time I read about him.

I wouldn’t even forget to mention the picture Alicia paints of this alternate universe in your mind. The whole set-up was frightening of what had happened of the world after that “flash of light” thing. Between the lines, the author also hints how terribly humans have treated the mother nature. The ill-effects of ozone depletion might not be exactly as it has happened in this story, but I believe the author did want to signify that something horrible could happen if we humans didn’t get our acts together.

Not to mention, the Draugrs absolutely gave me creeps, though I did wish their look was a bit more original. It wasn’t cliché as such, but I felt the author didn’t really expand on the details. What didn’t properly go down my throat were the words “THE END”. I was all settled into the story, after getting to know the characters, finding some interesting answers and had just enjoyed an amazingly written intimate scene, when that hit me – like a hard brick hit my face and I was sulking wondering why did it have to end at that?

But I am going to trust the little birdie that chirped something about a second book and will hope to see more of this unique story.

A perfect blend of fantasy, sci-fi and paranormal genres, which actually got me interested in reading this book in the first place and I highly recommend it to those who are suckers for stories in this genres.

You can buy the eBook on Amazon by clicking the link: Heated Blood by Alicia Nordwell.

For more information or news on the author, visit: Cia’s Blog

Sid’s Rating: star_review

  1. Cia says:

    Awww, such a lovely review! Thank you so much Sid!! I know the ending was a bit abrupt on this but it was supposed to be a flash piece for my blog for a hop. The story just wouldn’t stay that way though, and I gave in. There is a lot more I want to share though, so I do hope to continue to publish short stories in this world in the future (which will expand and explore the Draugr quite a bit more). This first story introduced them, as was necessary, but the real antagonists were The Order in Heated Blood. We have several to explore in other stories, including more of the Order, the Draugr, and the opposing ‘true vampire’ forces. Thank you for reading, my eBooi and a big thank you for the lovely review, Sid!.

    • sidlove says:

      You don’t have to thank me 🙂 I said what I felt after reading the story. You are right The Order were the real antagonist in this part, but Draugrs interested me more to be honest.
      Well, like I said, I will be waiting for that sequel whenever you decide to write 😉

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