Holding on to Hope

Posted: March 12, 2013 by sidlove in My Writing
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One of the reasons I love being part of the Gay Authors Community is that admins over there are always making an effort to keep their authors motivated. Among several initiatives they take, the Anthology section is one – where the authors are given a theme, a word limit and a time span to write a story using their own imaginations. Yes, there’s that scary deadline of course and you are supposed to submit your story in time. Although I have only participated twice, I have come to enjoy the excitement that runs through your veins when you plan out and actually write the story.

This year’s Spring Anthology had an interesting theme – “A Night to Remember”. It not only intrigued several authors, but even got their creative juices flowing. Although I have no idea what they came up with (the stories are yet to go Live), I am sure the readers are going to get lots of amazing stories to read.


“A Night to Remember” inspired me as well and I came up with the story “Holding on to Hope”. I admit, I am a bit nervous about it since  this story is very different from anything I have written before. But I am sure readers will like the characters. The story, although written in third person, is told from the point of view of Leslie. Through her eyes, you get to see an interesting journey of her best friend Brad, who sets out to find a mysterious man in the streets of New York.

The summary goes …

“Brad finally meets the man of his dreams on the Valentine’s Day. He even loses his virginity to him. But the problem occurs when he wakes up the next morning and realizes he can’t remember anything about the guy – not even remembering what he looks like.

His best friend, Leslie, thinks he has imagined it all. But was it a mere imagination? or was there something more dangerous to that story?”

Intrigued? Well, I hope so.

The story would be available on the public domain as soon as the admin makes the anthology stories live for all. Keep checking this space for a link to the story.

P.S.: The Anthology banner belongs to GA community and not me. The cover art for the story, however, is my own creation.

EDITED: The story link is available now for you to read: Holding on to Hope

  1. Ieshwar says:

    Argh, the wait is killing me. A few more days to go. Looking forward to read your story. 🙂

  2. Rano says:

    Well, looking forward to read *Holding on to Hope* in the forthcoming GA Anthology. Cool cover art for the story, Sid 🙂

  3. Jo Ann says:

    Your anthology looks great Sid and I love the blog!:)

  4. Cia Nordwell says:

    Aww, well we do so love active authors! It’s great to see you branching out and the cover is great, Sid! I’m being good and waiting for the anthology to go live before I read.

    • sidlove says:

      hehe what should I say, GA has actually been a turning point of my life ^_^ And you, Cia, have inspired me in ways no one can imagine 😀
      Thanks for the sweet compliments! I hope when you read my entry, you’ll like it!!

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